Sunday, March 8, 2009

So, tell me about White privilege...

I was home last night for my brother Nathan's birthday party. My entire family was there plus some other people and during dinner I shared with everyone that I was going to Memphis for a conference.

A asks me, "so tell me about the White privilege conference." I look at her and thinking, "oh, shit...this is going to open up a can or worms." I answer her question, telling her about social justice, White privilege, the focus of the conference, etc...and then it happened. Everyone (of course) has their opinions about privilege and racial politics, so people start talking and long story short...I just got home a few hours ago because the "conversation" went on for so long and because people like their "happy juice" a bit too much and no one was sober enough to drive me back to my apartment.

Le sigh.

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